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SRDice on Google Play

SRDice on Google Play

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Your bag of dice for Shadowrun on your Android !

A simple assistant for players of tabletop Shadowrun RPG.
This dice roller is specific to Shadowrun 4th edition RPG.

Get it on the Google Play :

faviconSRDiceProject future :

If you want to help with another language than English or German, feel free to ask me.

Some ideas I have :

  • Thrown on a Shake action =>I have read that this function is really battery eater
  • Send a result or a log by email or SMS (why not ?)
  • Configuration of Pre-define pools so you just have to clic on the pool name to have a result. (Thank to Rafal Romaniak by mail for the idea) => Quickrolls seems better idea
  • Have a Tablet version with a better visual history (Thank to Jamie in the Google Play Store Comment for the idea)
  • Log : The recents log in top of the file

faviconSRDiceWork in progress :

Don’t know actually…

faviconSRDiceProject life :

2013/02/27 V2.2 : I know, it was a long time But here come the new version !

  • Quickrolls buttons with a number of dice to throw, 1 to 12

2012/07/25 V2.1 :

  • Correctives and optimisations to shut down the app
  • Localisation : 20% of the users speak german. Me not. So i have created a project on Crowdin : can come and login to suggest translation and vote for the
    translation of other users. It is also the occasion for the
    english-speaking people to correct my english. 😉
    End of the Crowdin trial version, and insuffisant translation to use. So SRDice will stay in English & French. If you want german, feel free to contact me.

2012/07/24 V 2.0 :

  • Extended Tests full support => 100%
  • Preference : choice to see the unit results (as today : « 1 hit (1, 2, 4, 5, 1 ») or not (for exemple : « 1 hit ») => 100%
  • When set a new pool size via the keyboard : replace the actual pool
    size (today the actual pool size have to be deleted with the delete
    button) => 100%

2012/06/18 V1.10 :

  • Button « Throw again » in the result Dialog (Thank to my PC Khane Whaley)
  • Preference : choice : log all, ask, never log
  • Statistics

2012/04/29 V1.8 :

  • Throws Log and log consultation
  • Optimisation of the Dialog method

2012/04/02 V1.7 :

  • You (Serkan, Christoph in the Google Play Store Comment ) have asked for it, here it is => the Rule of six ! You just have to check the Edge box to activate the Rule of six.
  • First Frill (For Serious Paul and chad in the Google Play Store Comment )  => Preference : adjust the default size of the Pool

2012/03/21 V1.6 : English is default language
2012/03/19 V1.5 : First release on Google Play

faviconSRDiceDescription on the Google Play :

include-sans-mergeYour bag of dice for Shadowrun on your Android !

A simple assistant for players of tabletop Shadowrun RPG.
This dice roller is specific to Shadowrun 4th edition RPG :
Throw the number of dice of your Shadowrun character’s Dice Pool and you will know the number of Hits and if there is Glitche or, bad, Critical Glitche.
– One die by default (you can adjust the default Pool size in the preferences)
– Focus in the field open the numeric keyboard
– Plus and Minus button to adjust the Dice Pool
– Max 99 dice (« No more munchkin… »)
– Rule of six if you check the « Edge » box (Reroll the six)

Default language : English

(To know more on the Shadowrun RPG :
In English :
In French : )

faviconSRDiceAbout me :

I’m a french, I play « tabletop RPG » since a while.

I actually play a lot of Shadowrun by forum : on Shadowrun-Online (french) on wich I have 2 characters on 2 different campaign and  I am mastering 2 other campains.

Sometimes I have just my smartphone to consult the form and make the stories of my campains progress. I had found some dice roller app but none perfect for my use.

I know a little Java and so i try to develop my own app. And here come SRDice !

The campains I am mastering :


Oural Campaign poster

The PC are corpo in holidays in the Oural mountains, Russia.
problem in their corpo mandate them to be in Moscow in 24 hours. Another problem
: there a big tempest. So all the airport are close, no plane… They have to use ski, smuggler trunk, train, …
all these take time and…
« The clock is ticking… »

[DocWagon:Los Angeles] Sous le feu des projecteurs

'[DocWagon:Los Angeles] Sous le feu des projecteurs' campaign poster
(« [DocWagon:Los Angeles] Under the spotlight » in english)

The PC are DocWagon HTR (High Threat Response) Team in Los Angeles.
Docwagon and Horizon have a contract, this Team will have P2.0 account and they will be part of a Realityshow program. They do their staff (extraction of injured client under Opposition’s fire) and they’re recorded in real time by holocam drones.

One of the character I play in Shadowrun-Online is a Troll medic in a campaign named [DocWagon] A l’article de la mort (« [DocWagon] Near Death » in english), HTR Team in Seattle, and i wanted to make like a Spin-off of this campaign.

3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

I am mastering too on the generic platform a campaign of 3:16 Carnage Amongts the Star, by Gregor Hutton. A great game of Space Marines and Aliens !

3.16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

3.16 Carnage Amongst the Stars


3:16 La Fin justifie les moyens